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Thursday, December 20, 2007

John Abraham hot Calander

Guys,I got these beautiful pictures from John's calander.Wanna share with you lot.See,how hot he looks in the pics.One can spend the whole year looking at his calander.Chechout for yourselves lolzzz.........

In this pic he is looking very hot in his rugged look with a rough beard and perfect abs added by a flat tummy.

In this pic his pectorals(breast muscles)are high-lighted.With the same rugged look he is definitely looking hotter.Love to be the bear in his hand is the only thing I can say.

This pic is another good pic of John in his perfect shape.He is looking great in his slick look and the imagination of what he is upto with his hands is exciting.

This is one of the best pics of John.His best body is perfectly high-lighted perfect abs,pectorals(just wanna suck them),added with nice accessories.What are his hands doind lolzzzzzz??????

Check this pic out guys.A nice pic in the bathroom.Love the expression on his face.Seems to be tired of doing some work(wink) hahaha.....

This is a nice pic where John is smiling and relaxing.

WOW is what I cried when I saw this pic.One of my favourites and one of John's hottest pics.How hot is he?nice body with perfect expression on his face.See the navel guys.How perfect it is!He appears to be moaning.Why?Only he knows why!!!

What can one say after seeing this pic?Noone looks so hot with so much dirt on one's body.

GOD!How did you make him?is what came out of my mouth after seeing this pic.See how hot his looks are!Showing his legs and giving a nasty look from between his hair make him hotter.Added to this he is infact showing a bit of his butt muscle.Isn't that wonderful!!

John seems to have just got up and seems to be smelling himself!I don't mind how he smells if he comes to me(hahaha..).Again have to appreciate his body which we can see closely.Hope he is not wearing anything and wish I had been there.
WOW he is in the water.I would like to give him a perfect bath(Hmm...when will I?)How slim is he guys?Showing much skin between navel and ........( thoughts are going overboard to his treasures).But he seems to be wearing just a brief.Love to see full pic of him in briefs.

The last pic is as hot as a redchilli.He is at his rugged best expression showing a good amount of skin with only a cloth on him.Love to go in between him and the cloth.What do you say guys????