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Friday, December 21, 2007

Dino's hottest pics

Guys I got some more pictures of hottie Dino.Hope you get erections!!

First we have his modelling days' photos.He looks very young with hair.He has a lot of body hair(look at his inner thighs).But loved him in briefs though we love more even without them!!

Here are some hot pics showing his hot body.Have a look at them!

In these pics we just have to imagine that he is naked and should put hardwork on our imaginative power.Especially in the sofa shot,he really seems to be naked. I could just explore his body if I were present at the spot!!

Checkout these last hot pics.In the first one we can see his bulge and makeout where his cock is!In the second pic we can see a fair amount of his hottest butt muscle.I just wanna lick it!!In the last pic though he is wearing white undies,I somehow see his instrument in colour(It is not so black!!!).Checkout for yourselves(by zooming after downloading)